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Savvy Level Kit

 Savvy Level  
Savvy Level Kit                Savvy Level

AUD 315.00

SavvyLevel is a precision leveller for your caravan, motorhome, trailer, 4WD or campervan.

Preset and store your own level into the SavvyLevel device and SavvyLevel will have you levelled to your own individual level in under a minute with NO FUSS. It really is that easy! You can now level by yourself with EASE.

The internal mount kit is provided for you to install your SavvyLevel with EASE. Everything you require to install the SavvyLevel internally is in the Internal Mount Kit.
The SavvyLevel app and the SavvyLevel unit communicates seamlessly to show diagrammatically the level that the user wishes to obtain for best use in their RV. SavvyLevel then allows the user to maintain their individual level from then on - showing the individual users level on their SMART device.

  • each SavvyLevel unit is individually thermally calibrated to maintain its precision and accuracy over the entire temperature operating range of -40 to +65 degrees Celsius
  • ruggedly designed
  • SavvyLevel is for use with Apple® and AndroidTM smart phone/tablets
  • extremely easy to use, boasting an amazing precision down to within 0.1 degree over the entire operating temperature range
  • voltage input supply of 7 - 30 Volts without a scrap of energy wastage - 98% energy efficient
  • SavvyLevel operates in night or day mode allowing levelling at any time
  • The SavvyLevel App is free to download from Google Play or iTunes
  • mounting kit included
  • user manuals and support systems are the finest available

The propriety technology that achieves this precision is unique in the field of levelling systems. The information is provided to the user in a user friendly visual and numerical display. Included in that display is a compass bearing, night and day mode and a zoom feature (x10) allowing for extraordinary clarity when precision levelling.

SavvyLevel also has an optional handy compass indicator in reference to your van - you will know where the sun will rise and set everyday and therefore the best way to orient and position your van. Your favorite level can be set and SavvyLevel remembers this for all future levels.

To begin levelling, simply select the SavvyLevel icon on your phone then as you move your vehicle the App will report the tilt & compass information.

AUD 315.00

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