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Charcoal Briquettes Carry & Storage Bag


NEW on the market!!!

 The BBQ and camping accessory everyone has been waiting for - finally released!

HotShots Carry Bag                BBQ Fuel Carry Bag
AUD 49.00


NEW innovative Australian product for the outdoor cook

The Ranger Nick Charcoal Briquettes Carry Bag is a brand new Australian design to store and carry your BBQ fuel. It keeps your briquettes dry and the vehicle clean!
It is suitable to carry a 10kg bag of HotShots BBQ Fuel or any other brand of charcoal briquettes. The canvas bag features an inside pocket to store your firelighters and matches. Put the charcoal briquettes paper bag into your carry bag or empty the content straight into it. No more ripping paper bags with dust and dirt all over the place.
Features include:
  • water proof
  • dust proof
  • heavy duty canvas
  • inside storage pocket
  • strong carry handles
  • light weight
This is a new product launch - be amongst the first to acquire this brilliant accessory to your camping gear or backyard barbecues.

AUD 49.00

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